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Why is New Beginnings Christian Preschool right for your family?

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Our aim is to develop the whole personality of each child by providing a school  experience of lasting value: 

Intellectually: by encouraging an enthusiasm for learning, exploring, and  firsthand experiences, our program provides a balanced  

academic and developmental environment.  

Physically: by encouraging experiences both teacher led and child  initiated which will develop large and small muscle  

coordination and skill. 

Socially: by encouraging participation in group activities, getting  along with others and developing a feeling of security and  


Spiritually: by daily time of devotion, Bible learning, character  training, and songs included in the day’s activities, giving  

each child an awareness of God’s love for them. 


On behalf of New Beginnings Christian Preschool, Welcome! We are very happy you are considering or have chosen our school as the place for your child to spend his or her early years of education.


Our goal is to surround each child with a loving environment and involve him/her/them in a learning process that will encourage him/her/them to develop their maximum potential. 


We promote a Christian atmosphere of respect and loving appreciation for each person and for the wonders of God’s world. We teach God’s Love as revealed through  Jesus Christ. For the children, this means not only teaching him/her/them that God loves them, but that they too are expected to love others. We are Bible-centered in our teaching approach and each staff member is an example of Christ’s Love.








Our Philosophy 

A child’s early years are the most important. Our endeavor is to make certain  that the hours a child spends in school are not wasted, but productive toward the  formation of their being and their personality. A carefully supervised and balanced  program is offered to assist each child in their learning process.

We look forward to enjoying each day with lots of laughter and hugs. 

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