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COVID-19 Guidelines


Masks are required for all adults and recommended for children over 2 

∙ All parents/student will check in/out in lobby. 

∙ Adults and children will wash and sanitize hands regularly

∙ Sign in/out— With clean pens for each individual

∙ All student change of clothes must be in 1 gallon Ziploc bags.  Nap stuff in bags 



∙  Student will have a wellness temperature check done at check in 

We make sure that sick children do not remain at school and that we follow protocols in case a child has been exposed. NBCP operates a well child school. Please keep your sick child at home.

Children will be asked to remain at home if they have:

∙ Fever 

∙ Thick mucus (yellow/green) 

∙ Coughing 

We also follow all of these protocols to keep every child safe

∙ Exposed to COVID 19 - Notify school immediately - Quarantine - Return Clearance needed 

∙ All school/classroom activities will continue following guidelines in health and  social distancing 

∙ All staff have been trained on all guidelines as per LIC/CDC

What happens if there is a positive COVID case in the NBCP Community?

  • NBCP will immediately consult with CDC. They will determine if:

    • The classroom needs to shut down and for how long or

    • The entire Preschool needs to shut down

    • These decisions are made on a case by case basis by New Beginnings, the CDC and UMC.

  • Parents will be notified of any positive cases and proximity to their child’s class: ie classmate, classmate’s family, child in another class, etc.

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